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Hardwood timber pieces Bruce Keogh - Furniture Artist

about Bruce Keogh

I have done many things in my life and as I reflect, I realise that I have woven a tapestry of passions that are now encapsulated in Crafty Fox Furniture.

This tapestry interweaves:

> salvaging and recycling > the environment > native timbers > creativity > innovation > craftsmanship

> giving people pleasure


As a kid, I scavenged rubbish tips finding bicycle parts to assemble, paint  and sell as refurbished bikes to friends.

I revelled in the satisfaction of the restoration process and my friends loved them.

At 15, I welded up two bike frames and some water pipe to make a tandem. That was not for sale - purely for my own pleasure and for whoever went riding with me.

I once carried an old Victorian-style Mountain Ash door home from a tip, gave it legs and ‘voila’ – a table.

The tapestry has begun:

> salvaging and recycling > native timbers > creativity > innovation > craftsmanship > giving people pleasure


In my 20’s I established two mountain sports shops in Melbourne, selling gear for bushwalking, rock climbing, mountaineering and cross country skiing.

One store was in Hawthorn where the two-storey building was on the corner of a main arterial road. The exposed wall was begging for something creative so I designed a giant mural of a rock climber with one foot on the verandah roof and one hand leveraging on a window sill. You could call it street art before its time. It became quite an iconic Melbourne landmark.

My many repeat customers routinely raved about their experiences in the natural environment and I gained great satisfaction from that.

The tapestry has moved on:

> the environment > creativity > innovation > giving people pleasure


In my 30’s, my family moved to Northeast Victoria where I built then operated a nursery producing millions of native seedlings for home gardens, farms, revegetation and farm forestry. I remained there for 25 years.

It was farm forestry and its timbers that were my first passion and now I find myself working with the very species that I propagated in abundance – Spotted Gum, Red Ironbark, Sydney Blue Gum and Rose Gum to name a handful.

There was huge fulfilment not only in making this contribution to the environment, but in the delight of customers at how well their trees and shrubs were performing.

The tapestry weaves its merry way:

> the environment > native timbers > giving people pleasure


Now in Queensland, with the creation of Crafty Fox Furniture, all my passions have been encapsulated.

It’s a joy to be bringing recycled native timbers back to life, scavenging for vintage farm and factory relics then handcrafting table and floor lamps.

It’s great to be using environmentally zero-impact materials.

It’s a labour of love applying creative and innovative craftsmanship to my work.

My customers derive real pleasure from their purchases often buying for special occasion gifts. “Quirky”, “different”, “beautiful”, “unique” are their common descriptions.

Very kindly, they refer to me as “a furniture artist” and a “recyclepreneur”. I’ll take that!

The tapestry is complete:

> salvaging and recycling > the environment > native timbers > creativity > innovation > craftsmanship

> giving people pleasure


And I’m loving it!





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